Accelerate your Web3 startup

Become a TerraSet Fellow
Backed by Terraform Capital, Basis Set Ventures, and Series

Applications Due: June 6, 2022
Program Launch: June 20, 2022


TerraSet Fellowship

TerraSet is a Fellowship program hosted by Terraform Capital, Basis Set Ventures, and Series. We want to support and invest in founders building their Web3 startup from the ground up in the Terra ecosystem.

Ecosystem to Build In

Terra is an open source, public blockchain protocol that provides fundamental infrastructure for a decentralized economy and enables open participation in the creation of new financial primitives to power the innovation of money.

Backed by Top VCs

Basis Set Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies that fundamentally transform the way people work.

Financial Infrastructure

Series is a digital financial platform that provides full-service banking, enterprise-grade crypto custody, prime services & end-to-end back office software designed specifically for institutions & corporations.


Vision of TerraSet

To provide a pathway for product, engineering, and designer leaders to become founders of Web3 startups in the Terra ecosystem.

From Idea to MVP

  1. 1:1 Office Hours to design architecture for Web3 idea
  2. Iteration on Product Market Fit
  3. Mentorship designed to hone Community and Token building skills

Fundraising & Investment

  1. Investments & Liquidity Grants from Basis Set Ventures and Terraform Capital
  2. Salary Stipend for Full-Time Founders
  3. Demo Day with Top VCs

Build on Terra Ecosystem

  1. Terra Academy Training and Education Workshops
  1. Grants for Security audits

Access to Resources

  1. Weekly Team Check-in with Mentors
  2. Full-Service Banking, Prime Services, Enterprise-grade Crypto Custody with On/Off-Ramp Support
  3. Payment Rails for Transferring Funds


Program Agenda

12 weeks

week 1

Basics of Web3 and Terra

How to get started on Terra blockchain

week 2

Terra Technical Deep Dive

Building knowledge beyond the Terra Academy

week 3

Customer Discovery

Perform customer discovery and discover needs

week 4

Idea Brainstorming

Distill needs, discover opportunities, and generate ideas

week 5

Product Development

Iterate on ideas while meeting with Terraform Labs, Basis Set Ventures and Series for feedback

week 6-8


Prototype, market testing, and iterate on MVP

week 9-10

Build & Test

Building & testing product

week 11

Company Incorporation

Work with legal team, Terraform Labs team can help with tokenomics

week 12

Demo Day

Curated intros to top VCs

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the criteria?

We're looking for experienced product leaders, engineers, and designers who want to start a company in Web3 and blockchain technology.

How much is the salary stipend?

It depends on the number of co-founders, but the goal is to ease the financial burden of starting your company.

Do all the founders have to be technical?

While not all founders need to be technical, it would be ideal if your team has at least one technical co-founder who can quickly ship code.

What if my startup has already received outside investment?

You are still eligible to apply even if you have already received outside investment.

Do we have to build in the Terra ecosystem?

To get the full benefit of this program, including mentorship and investment, we require that you build on either the Terra blockchain or make UST the dominant stablecoin for your company.

What type of projects is TerraSet looking for?

We're looking to mentor and invest in companies that build infrastructure, protocols, and dApps using the Terra blockchain.

Does TerraSet invest in or provide capital to each project?

Yes, there is a potential of investments from Terraform Capital, Basis Set Ventures and other top funds provided that you build on either the Terra blockchain or make UST the dominant stablecoin for your company.

What’s the difference between TerraShip and TerraSet?

TerraShip is for protocols that want to launch a token vs. TerraSet is for companies that want to raise equity only.

Who can I reach out to if I have questions?

You can contact Wilson Kyi of Basis Set Ventures at